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Mastertech Batteries technicians provide professional installation of your new battery and removal of your old battery. We will also connect our power saver prior to removing your old battery where applicable and preserve your computer battery and maintain memory of security codes and radio pre-sets

Standard Battery installation service includes,

  • Installation performed by a fully qualified Automotive Technician
  • Removal and recycling of your old battery
  • Inspection and cleaning of the battery cable terminal ends and battery tray
  • Battery cable terminals chemically cleaned
  • Protective sealant grease applied to battery terminals
  • Preserved computer memory
  • Battery Registration and programming on applicable models 
  • Complete starting and charging system evaluation

Battery Installation services available for -
Car & Passenger Vehicles, 4WD & Truck, Marine, Motorcycle & Scooter, Industrial & Machinery.


Battery Testing

Our team will test and provide a test report for your existing battery and ensure this is the cause of fault prior to replacing a battery that may not require replacing. The health check is with our Industry Standard battery analyser Tester, it identifies current power performance against rated performance and determines if you need a new battery or it just needs charging.


Removal/Recycle of old battery

98% of an automotive battery can be recycled! The components making up the battery including plastic, lead and acid are reprocessed and manufactured into a range of other products.
To avoid the cost and inconvenience of disposal, we offer a 100% FREE battery recycling service.


Car electrical testing

A flat battery in some cases may not be a faulty battery but an electrical issue instead causing the battery to run flat such as a alternator not charging or a current drain from a faulty electronic module or a starter motor. our technicians will carry out start and charge system electrical test.


Battery Terminal and cable repairs

Battery Terminals and cables can wear and tear like most other parts we have a selection of various cables, battery terminals, lugs and cables on board to ensure we get you back on the road as with minimal fuss

Battery Programming & Registration

In order to keep the electrical system running at maximum efficiency, many newer vehicles automatically adjust charge cycles and alternator settings based on battery age and mileage.
When a battery is replaced, the new battery must be electronically registered within the vehicle's computer system to ensure that it is properly recognized as a brand-new battery.
Mastertech batteries has current dealer level diagnostic tools on board that can identifies vehicles that require new battery registration and performs the necessary vehicle communication routine to complete the job.


Battery Reset

When a vehicle’s battery power is disrupted during maintenance, various electronics in the car often need to be reset. Affected electronics could be a varied list including power windows, sunroof, power steering, sound system, etc.

As part of our Battery Replacement service we carry out all the steps required to ensure the customer’s vehicle and its accessories function as they should