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About Mastertech Batteries

Mastertech Batteries is a family owned local business that have been in the Automotive Electrical business for over 25 years and have a core mission to become a leading Mobile Battery Installation service provider Nation wide.

Our Team are Highly trained and experienced with licenced Auto electricians and Mechanics tradespeople working on your vehicles to ensure peace of mind and ensure your valuable asset is in the best hands.

We cover the whole Sydney region including CBD, East, North, South, Western suburbs of Sydney and provide our services' No membership Fee Required to get our services and we are just phone call or email away. Our services include best prices, Best quality batteries available and our great customer service will satisfy you where all our work and batteries are fully guaranteed.
If you have any questions please call Mastertech Batteries Or Fill a form on contact us page.


Our bit for the environment.

Its easy for you, and right for the environment. Discarded old batteries are extremely hazardous to the environment. We do our bit by making sure old batteries don't end up as toxic waste. If you have an old battery (or two) lying about, we can remove and recycle FREE of charge as 97% of each battery can be recycled.

Every time we remove a battery from a car, it's sent off to an environmentally sound and government-approved recycling plant where 97% of the battery is recycled and put to a variety of uses.
We will put your old car battery to good use.

The lead is melted down and reused for new batteries. The sulphuric acid is neutralised or converted into the less harmful common ingredient, sodium sulphate – present in many household detergents and fertilisers. And the polypropylene (plastic) casings are recycled and used for new battery casings and other manufacturing.